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Avoid A Horrifying Lack Of Heat With Furnace Maintenance

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We Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts - But No Heat In The Winter Is Terrifying!

The spooky season is here! While Halloween marks a time of trick-or-treating, ghoulish delights and scary surprises, it also heralds dropping temperatures as we approach the cooler months. You might be courageous enough to confront a silly supernatural threat, but there’s nothing quite as bone-chilling (literally!) as the idea of your furnace breaking down in the dead of winter.

We may not be the Ghostbusters, so we can’t help you with the creepy side of things - but with expert preventative maintenance, we can definitely keep your furnace primed and ready to provide the heat you need when the chill blows in. Curious about the advantages of furnace maintenance? Read on to see all the benefits it can offer you and your home.

1. Forget The Smoke & Fog - Enjoy Cleaner Air

When it comes to your furnace, all it ever picks up from the outside air is tricks, not treats. Dirty, mold, dust, allergens and other pollutants can accumulate in your device over time, and all of that gets blown into your home when your furnace is running. You probably don’t think to clean your furnace during normal housekeeping, but don’t worry - we do! We make sure to clear your furnace of all of these irritants so you can enjoy crisp, clean and - most importantly - warm air. Now, if you’ve got ghosts in your ductwork? That’s on you.

2. Avoid Terrorizing Your Wallet

When you take care of your furnace, it takes care of you - and we don’t just mean keeping your home toasty and inviting. A well-maintained furnace will run at peak efficiency - and the more efficient it is, the less energy it has to use. This translates into a lower energy bill, which is doubly important as heating costs ramp up in the winter. But that’s not the only financial advantage. Regular maintenance will also prevent breakdowns that could lead to costly repair bills, saving you even more. It might not be a bucket of candy, but it’s pretty close.

3. It’s ALIVE! And It Will Be For a Long Time

Nobody wants to have to replace their furnace every few years. But without regular maintenance, that’s exactly what you’ll have to do. Proper care helps to ensure your unit will last through its expected operational lifespan - and maybe even longer. It’ll never be immortal like a vampire, but we can make sure it lives a good long while so you get every ounce of value out of it - and you don’t have to worry about keeping garlic or wooden stakes around.

4. Keep Yourself Out Of Scary Scenarios

Most of the time we think of our furnace as a source of warm comfort in winter months. We don’t consider how important it is for our safety. It’s simply not safe to be stuck in freezing cold winter temperatures without a heater. Furthermore, issues with your furnace can lead to leaks of gas or carbon monoxide into your home, which are also dangerous. Getting regular maintenance will catch those issues before they become a risk and make sure your furnace is good to go all season. No Halloween hokeyness here - we care about our customers, and want to do our part to protect them throughout the winter.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

R.S. Andrews, that’s who! Fall is the perfect time to get on the schedule for furnace maintenance, so if you’re ready to have yours serviced, let us know. Doing it now gives you a chance to get any major issues corrected before the really low temperatures arrive, so you can head into that other holiday season with peace of mind. Message us online or call 843-706-5090 to schedule your appointment today!

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