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Plumbing & HVAC Service near Savannah, GA

When you need the best plumbers and professional technicians for HVAC repair services in Savannah, GA, you should always rely on the experienced team at R.S Andrews! Our technicians are qualified, clean, friendly and have the experience they need to provide the right solutions for your comfort. See what your neighbors are saying about our home contractor services below.

Plumbing & HVAC Services We Provide to Your Savannah Area Home or Business:

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Here in Savannah, we know a thing or two about uncomfortably hot summers. That's why our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive commercial and residential air conditioning system services that will keep you cool all season long. Whether you need to replace or install a new AC unit, have repairs done on your air conditioner, or regular maintenance tune-ups, we have you covered. We're committed to providing quality AC services that our customers can rely on, so you can enjoy a comfortable home or office all summer long. Contact us today to learn more about our air conditioner services and how we can help keep you cool all season!

Install New Air Conditioner or Replace Old System

The summer heat is coming! As your central cooling unit get older, it tends to stop working properly. If you’re in need of an AC installation or HVAC repair this season then make sure that the HVAC contractor has qualified professionals like R.S. Andrews. Our team understands how your air conditioning unit fits into the larger HVAC system in which it is installed. We are a full-service AC company that offers air conditioner unit installation and replacement services. We have been serving the Savannah area for over 40 years, and our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service at the most affordable prices. We understand how important it is to have a quality air conditioning system, especially in the summer months, and we are here to help!

Furnace Repair Services

Do you need a new furnace or heat pump? We are a local HVAC contractor that offers HVAC system installation, furnace repairs, and HVAC maintenance services in Savannah. Our full range of heating services keep your family warm when the temperatures drop during those winter nights. When your heater is failing in the winter, seek help from a professional HVAC company and experienced indoor comfort specialist with a proven track record. We proudly provide high-quality and reliable services for all brands and models of HVAC systems.

Whether you need HVAC repair, heating system maintenance, or need to replace your old furnace, our certified technicians always do the job correctly and at a price you can afford. Furnace system repair and  installation is a big job, but our team has the experience and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We are also available around the clock for emergency heating, or indoor air quality services. Our mission is to make sure your home is comfortable year-round. We understand how important it is to have a quality heating system, especially in the winter months, and we are here to help! Call us today to schedule a consultation, and let us show you why we are the best choice for all of your furnace and heat pump needs!

Plumbing Services

The Savannah Plumbers you can count on. Don’t let plumbing problems stress you out! At R.S. Andrews, we understand that plumbing problems can be a nuisance and cause a lot of stress. That's why we offer the most professional commercial and residential plumbing services and installations possible. We know how important your home is to you, and we're committed to providing quick and efficient service that will leave you satisfied. From the moment you call our office to the time we've finished the job, you can be sure that your experience with us will be nothing other than satisfactory. So if you're in need of a plumber near me, don't hesitate to give us a call! We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services and are always available to answer any questions you may have about your home plumbing systems. When it comes to plumbers in Savannah, GA, nobody does it better than R.S. Andrews!

We offer a wide range of plumbing services, from water heater repair to drain cleaning to pipe and sewer issues, so that you can rest assured that we will be able to take care of any plumbing problem you may have.

  • Toilet repairs
  • Leak Repairs
  • Clogged Drain Cleaning
  • Water Heater Repairs

Plumber, Heating & Air Conditioning Company FAQs

Should I repair or replace my water heater near Savannah?

Some signs you should replace your water heater rather than repair it in Savannah, GA are: 

  • Your water heater has a tank leak
  • Your water heater requires many repairs 
  • Your water is discolored or smells strange 

If your water heater is newer, repairing it may be a more cost effective option. However, if your water heater is over 10 years old and has any of the issues above, it may be better to replace it rather than repair it. To find out more about getting your water heater repaired or replaced, contact us today

Why is my HVAC system not cooling my Savannah house?

Your HVAC system may not be cooling your Savannah house because: 

  • Your air filters are dirty or clogged 
  • Your HVAC system has a refrigerant leak
  • Your thermostat is not set correctly 

Sometimes fixing your HVAC system may be as simple as setting the thermostat to the correct mode or replacing your air filters. Although, your HVAC unit may not be cooling your home because of a more complex issue. To get your HVAC system repaired, call us today

Are HVAC service plans worth it in Savannah?

Yes, HVAC service plans are worth it in Savannah, GA. Some benefits of HVAC service plans are: 

  • Your HVAC system lasts longer 
  • Your HVAC system breaks down less often 
  • Your HVAC system is covered under warranty 

When you have your HVAC unit on a service plan, your energy bills will also be lower each month. To learn more about getting your HVAC system on a service plan, give us a call today.

How often should I flush my water heater?

You should have your water heater flushed once a year. Getting your water heater flushed regularly helps prevent sediment from building up inside of your water heater’s tank. If you do not have your water heater flushed regularly, it can become less efficient and less effective due to the sediment that can build up inside of it over time. To learn more about getting your water heater flushed, give us a call today.

Rely On The Pros At R.S. Andrews!

Call R.S. Andrews today at 843-706-5090 when you need professional technicians who take pride in their ability to bring you fantastic services. Our team is known for their timely work and dedication to bringing you an amazing experience with every visit. Let us make you smile!

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Great service

Review of R.S. Andrews Services

He found and fixed problem

SavannahGA31411 31.95-81.0225

Response from R.S. Andrews Services:

Lynne, we are so glad that your HVAC repair service met your expectations! Thanks for the great review!

Map of Savannah, GA 31405

Great, friendly service

Review of R.S. Andrews Services

They’ve always come out right away when we called - even nights and weekends, for emergency calls. Friendly staff. Reliable.

SavannahGA31405 32.07-81.21

John B.

John B.

Just wrapped up a air duct cleaning for a great customer. They were experiencing inefficient air flow and a lack of good air quality. This was not helping their child's asthma. After this thorough cleaning, their air will be clean and pure helping to restore the residents to health.

Near Shale Ct, Savannah, GA 31419
Donnie G.

Donnie G.

I just fixed a broken electric water heater in Savannah, GA. The client's Rheem Performance Platinum unit was not heating water properly due to a faulty heating element. I quickly replaced the element, guaranteeing that hot showers for a long time to come!

Near Carlisle Way, Savannah, GA 31419
michael  m.

michael m.

Working on a water heater replacement for an awesome client in Savannah, GA this morning. After assessing the existing system, we decided on a more energy-efficient and space-saving tankless water heater. I did a removal of the old unit, followed by adjustments to accommodate the new tankless unit. Before leaving, I provided the homeowner with essential information about the unit's features, maintenance requirements, and tips for optimizing energy efficiency.

Near Stonebridge Cir, Savannah, GA 31419
Michael C.

Michael C.

Successful Duct Work Cleaning and Repair in Savannah, Georgia. I efficiently handled a difficult project including extensive cleaning and repair of HVAC ducts. Our client now enjoys better heating and cooling performance. The cleaning removed dust and allergens, resulting in ideal air quality. Client happy and will be making referrals to friends and family!

Near Damascus Rd, Savannah, GA 31406
John F.

John F.

Just won a battle over a big clog in a Savannah, GA bathroom. Employed a drain snake and hydro-jetter to combat layers of hair and soap scum, restoring optimal flow within the hour. No obstruction too big or small!

Near Cornus Ct, Savannah, GA 31406
Donnie G.

Donnie G.

Recently performed ductwork cleaning for a valued client in Savannah, GA. The ducting, made of flexible aluminum, had accumulated dust and debris over time. Thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the ducts, improving air quality and system efficiency. Ensured the client's HVAC system operates great providing cleaner, healthier air for their home.

Near E 37th St, Savannah, GA 31404
Anthony B.

Anthony B.

Addressed a clogged kitchen sink in Savannah, GA, restoring drainage. Identified debris accumulation obstructing the pipes. Used the snake method to eliminate the blockage efficiently. Ensured smooth water flow and prevented future backups. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Near E Victory Dr, Savannah, GA 31405
Michael C.

Michael C.

Responded to a home in Savannah this morning with a broken furnace. Identified the issue as a faulty thermostat and replaced it with a new one. Conducted thorough safety checks to ensure proper heating functionality and safeguard against potential hazards.

Near E 41st St, Savannah, GA 31401
John M.

John M.

This morning, I'm doing ductwork repair in Savannah, GA for one of our wonderful customers. Repaired a section of flexible ductwork, ensuring optimal airflow and efficiency. Addressed any leaks or damage for improved HVAC performance. Cleaned the area well and now things are up and at peak operation!

Near Covington Ave, Savannah, GA 31408
John F.

John F.

Great customer needed a plumbing repair near Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA. I addressed a leaking pipe issue due to corrosion. Replaced the damaged section with durable PVC piping, ensuring a long-lasting solution. Thoroughly tested for any potential leaks and confirmed a watertight seal. Customer is very pleased!

Near E Gwinnett St, Savannah, GA 31401
Donnie G.

Donnie G.

Out doing a heat pump repair in Savannah, GA! The homeowner faced inadequate heating on this chilly morning. After inspection, discovered a malfunctioning compressor impacting the pump's performance. I am replacing the compressor with a top-tier unit to enhance efficiency. I will be doing rigorous testing to make sure the heating system is running smoothly. In a matter of hours, the homeowner can once again have consistent warmth on chilly days.

Near Enclave Cir, Savannah, GA 31419
Michael C.

Michael C.

Conducted an annual HVAC maintenance and tune-up near McCauley Park in Savannah, GA! The customer reported uneven heating and unusual sounds. Checked the thermostat, cleaned filters, and inspected the blower motor. Discovered a minor issue in the electrical components, was able to repair it on the spot. Lubricated moving parts for best performance. Now, the HVAC unit runs smoothly, providing consistent heating. Another satisfied customer!

Near E 52nd St, Savannah, GA 31405
Paul B.

Paul B.

Plumbing Victory in Savannah, GA! Today, I conquered a stubborn clog in a client's main sewer line, ensuring seamless flow and restoring peace of mind. The issue was a buildup of grease and debris causing a major blockage. Our expert team employed advanced hydro-jetting, utilizing high-pressure water to obliterate the obstruction. The precision of this method ensures a thorough clean, eliminating any remnants and preventing future issues. The residence now enjoys a smoothly flowing sewer line, and our client is delighted with the swift and effective solution.

Near Raybun St, Savannah, GA 31405
Donnie G.

Donnie G.

Successful Duct Work Cleaning & Repair in Savannah, GA. near Lakeside Park @ Berwick Plantation. My team expertly tackled a challenging project involving the thorough cleaning and repair of HVAC ducts. We addressed leaks and sealed joints to enhance energy efficiency. The cleaning eliminated dust and allergens, ensuring optimal air quality. Our client is now enjoying improved heating and cooling performance. Trust us for your ductwork needs!

Near River Rock Rd, Savannah, GA 31419
Charlie W.

Charlie W.

Call for urgent issue with a broken toilet. Upon inspection, I identified a faulty flush valve that was causing constant running and water leakage. I replaced the malfunctioning part, ensuring a watertight seal and restoring the toilet to proper functionality. After the repair, I tested the toilet thoroughly to guarantee it was flushing smoothly without any leaks.

Near Paulsen St, Savannah, GA 31405
Anthony B.

Anthony B.

Diagnosed and repaired a broken furnace for a homeowner. The issue stemmed from a faulty ignition system, causing the unit to intermittently fail. After a thorough inspection, I replaced the malfunctioning ignition component and made necessary adjustments to enhance the furnace's overall performance. I conducted rigorous testing to ensure the heating system was operating at its peak efficiency before providing a detailed explanation of the repair to the homeowner. I also offered some tips on regular maintenance to prevent similar issues in the future.

Near Telford St, Savannah, GA 31407
Anthony B.

Anthony B.

Called to replace a furnace for a homeowner in need. The existing unit was outdated and struggling to provide sufficient heat, so we decided it was time for an upgrade. After conducting a thorough assessment of the home's heating needs, I recommended a high-efficiency furnace to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs. The replacement process involved carefully disconnecting the old unit, removing it from the premises, and installing the new furnace with precision. I ensured all connections were secure, calibrated the system for optimal performance, and educated the homeowner on proper maintenance. Now, the homeowner can enjoy a more reliable and energy-efficient heating system, providing comfort and peace of mind during the colder months.

Near Willow Point Cir, Savannah, GA 31407
Donnie G.

Donnie G.

Installed a new water heater at the home'. Checked for proper venting, ensured all connections were secure. New unit is functioning properly.

Near Hobson Ave, Savannah, GA 31405
Donnie G.

Donnie G.

Attended to a drain clearing job at the residence. Cleared a blockage using a drain auger and conducted tests to ensure proper drainage. Shared maintenance tips.

Near Cloverdale Dr, Savannah, GA 31415
Anthony B.

Anthony B.

Provided the homeowners with a free heat pump quote. Discussed installation options, energy savings, and presented a detailed estimate. Addressed all client concerns.

Near Chambers St, Savannah, GA 31415
Charlie W.

Charlie W.

Emergency visit to the home for a broken furnace. Identified a faulty thermostat and replaced it promptly. Ensured proper heating and conducted safety checks.

Near Damon St, Savannah, GA 31415
Ralph B.

Ralph B.

Responded to a service call at the home for AC repair. Diagnosed a faulty capacitor, replaced it, and conducted system tests. The AC is now running smoothly.

Near E Boundary St, Savannah, GA 31401
Ralph B.

Ralph B.

Completed a new HVAC installation for the resident. Checked refrigerant levels, calibrated controls, and verified the functionality of the entire system. Offered a comprehensive system tutorial.

Near E State St, Savannah, GA 31401
Ralph B.

Ralph B.

Fixed a broken toilet at the residence. Replaced a malfunctioning flapper valve and conducted a complete inspection to ensure proper flushing and filling. Toilet is working well now for homeowner.

Near Lawton Ave, Savannah, GA 31404
Ralph B.

Ralph B.

Installed a new water heater for the homeowner. Checked for leaks, ensured proper venting, and tested hot water distribution. Provided information on maintenance best practices.

Near Capital St, Savannah, GA 31404


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