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Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions near Bluffton SC

The air inside your home circulates throughout each room. If the air is dirty, contaminated, smelly or stuffy, then that’s what each room of your home will be like. R.S. Andrews has the indoor air quality solutions you need to have fresh, clean, comfortable indoor air to breathe near Bluffton, Beaufort and the Hilton Head Island area homes.

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Indoor Air Quality FAQs

How can I tell if my home air quality is bad?

A few ways you can tell if your indoor air quality is bad in your home include: 

  • Worsened allergic reactions.
  • Excess dust in your indoor air. 
  • Health issues such as dry eyes and throat. 

You may also experience issues like nausea, dizziness and fatigue if your home’s indoor air quality is poor. To learn more about how to tell if your indoor air quality is bad, give us a call today.  

How do you improve indoor air quality in HVAC?

To improve the indoor air quality in your HVAC unit, you can: 

  • Have an air purifier installed in your HVAC unit. 
  • Use an air filter with a high MERV rating. 
  • Have your air ducts cleaned. 

The most direct way to improve the indoor air quality in your HVAC system is to have an air purifier installed inside of it. Having your ductwork cleaned can be especially useful if you have excess dust and dirt in your air due to dirty air ducts. To improve the indoor air quality in your home, contact us today.    

What is the best way to get the cleanest air in my home?

The best way to get the cleanest air in your home is to: 

  • Eliminate excess pollutants in your home.    
  • Use your kitchen and bathroom exhaust systems. 
  • Open your windows to bring in fresh air.

Although you can’t eliminate sources of pollution such as cooking, you can ensure that you do not smoke indoors and that you take your shoes off at the front door. To get the cleanest air in your home, call us today

Are there any rebates or incentives for duct sealing?

Yes, rebates or incentives for duct sealing may be available through various programs aimed at encouraging energy efficiency improvements in homes. Utilities, state energy offices, and federal programs sometimes offer financial incentives for homeowners who undertake energy-saving measures like duct sealing. These incentives can include direct rebates, tax credits, or low-cost financing options. The specifics, including eligibility criteria and the amount of the incentive, vary by location and program. It's beneficial to check with your local utility company, government energy efficiency programs, or the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) website for the most current information available in your area. These programs are designed to offset some of the costs associated with improving home energy efficiency, making it more affordable for homeowners to enhance their HVAC system's performance.

How long does duct sealing last?

The longevity of duct sealing depends on the materials used and the method of application, but professionally applied duct sealant can last for several years, often up to 10 years or more. Mastic sealant and foil tape, when applied correctly, create durable seals that withstand temperature changes and humidity without degrading. Aerosol-based sealants, used in more modern, non-invasive duct sealing methods, also offer long-lasting results by effectively sealing leaks from the inside. The durability of the seal will be influenced by the condition of the ductwork, environmental factors, and the quality of the installation. Regular inspections and maintenance of your HVAC system can help ensure that any potential issues with ductwork are addressed promptly, extending the effective life of the seal.

What methods are used for duct sealing?

Several methods are used for duct sealing, including:

  • Mastic Sealant: A thick, paste-like substance applied over leaks, forming a durable seal once dried.
  • Aluminum Foil Tape: High-quality, heat-resistant tape used for sealing joints and seams.
  • Aerosol Sealants: Deployed via a fogging system, this method seals leaks from the inside by distributing sealant particles through the ductwork.
  • Mechanical Fasteners: Used in conjunction with sealants or tapes for larger gaps or connections.
    Each method has its application scenarios, with the choice depending on the leak's location, size, and accessibility

Indoor Air Quality Problems

There are many common problems that exist in Lowcountry and Coastal Empire homes that can decrease the quality of your home’s air:

  • Odors
  • Chemicals
  • Pet Dander
  • Dust
  • Mold Spores
  • Bacteria
  • Humidity

Breathing in contaminants can make you sick and can aggravate conditions such as asthma or allergies. When you need fast, reliable indoor air quality solutions, call on R.S. Andrews to get the job done right! We’ll make your home more comfortable and fresher, but it will also be safer for your health.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

At R.S. Andrews, we take our job very seriously. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us and we are committed to making your home feel as fresh and clean as possible.

We can install a variety of solutions to your indoor air quality problems, including:

  • Air Cleaners
  • UV Air Purifiers
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air & Furnace Filters
843-706-5090 If you’d like to learn more about our indoor air quality services, give us a call at 843-706-5090 today or schedule online.

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