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Water Filtration Service near Bluffton

The quality of your water is very important and can impact your health. The water you use in your Lowcountry or Coastal Empire home or business contains contaminants that you cannot see but could cause harm. Water filtration systems from R.S. Andrews ensure you’re drinking the freshest and safest water possible.

Is it worth it to get a home water filtration system?

If your tap water has contaminants or an unpleasant taste, a filtration system can improve water quality. It's especially valuable in areas with hard water or potential health concerns. Consider the initial cost, maintenance expenses, and the specific contaminants the system targets. If these factors align with your needs, a water filtration system can be a worthwhile investment for better-tasting, safer, and potentially healthier water for your household.

Is filtered water healthier than bottled water?

Filtered water can be a healthier and more environmentally friendly option than bottled water. While both undergo filtration processes, home filtration systems allow you to control the water source and filter out specific contaminants. Bottled water may have uncertainties regarding its source and quality. Additionally, plastic bottle concerns and environmental impact contribute to the preference for filtered water. Ultimately, choosing filtered water over bottled water provides a more sustainable and potentially healthier option for daily hydration.

What are the cons of water filters?

Water filters come with certain drawbacks. The initial cost of quality filters can be high, including installation expenses. Regular maintenance is necessary, as filter cartridges must be replaced, incurring ongoing costs. Not all filters effectively remove every contaminant, leading to potential limitations in water purification. Despite these drawbacks, the benefits of improved water quality often justify the use of water filters.

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Signs You Need Water Filtration

Several signs could indicate you need a water filtration solution. They include:

  • Strange Smells
  • Cloudy Appearance
  • Bad Taste
  • Mineral Deposits on Fixtures
  • Stains on Dishware

When you need the quality of your water improved, R.S. Andrews is the one to call to do it all.

Water Filtration Solutions

There are multiple ways R.S. Andrews can help you improve the quality of your water. They include:

  • Water Filtration Systems: These whole-house systems remove impurities and smells from your water and leave it clean and safe for drinking, bathing and cooking.
  • Water Softeners: These systems remove the hard water and harsh metal buildup and residue on sinks, dishes, tubs and fixtures.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: This system uses a partially permeable membrane to remove unwanted particles from your drinking water.

R.S. Andrews’ plumbers can help you determine what type of water filtration system, water softener or reverse osmosis system is right for you.

843-706-5090 To find out more information about our water filtration solutions, give us a call at 843-706-5090 today or schedule online.

Clean Drinking Water is Only a Call Away

When you choose our plumbers to help you with your water filtration system, you’re making the right choice because each of us is:

  • Committed to your 100% satisfaction
  • Active in helping your community
  • Licensed and certified
  • Using a customer-first mindset

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