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Plumbing Noises & What They Mean

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Plumbing systems, particularly those installed for more than 20 years in Bluffton, SC, may make various noises. A plumbing unit will typically require repair or replacement after around 20 years or less. Although it may be easy to overlook all plumbing unit noises, it is crucial to look out for more severe plumbing issue signs. It is possible to attribute creaking or clanking pipes to the fact that the home is older. And even if you pay careful attention to the noises your pipes, drains and appliances produce, it might be difficult to convey them to a plumbing professional. 

This article will examine some everyday plumbing noises and how to handle the problem.

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What Are The Types Of Plumbing Noise I Should Be Aware Of?

A Hammering Noise

Your pipes may bump or make a hammering sound when you quickly turn off your faucet. This is known as a water hammer, and it’s a common occurrence. Water hammer is due to a shock wave generated when that valve or pipe is cut off, forcing the pipe to bang against the wall. 

Another possible source of water hammer is the usage of kitchen appliances with fast-acting valves, such as a dishwasher. So, many potential factors cause water hammers. Another cause to watch out for is an old piping system. However, the ball, float and stop valves are the first things to examine. If any valves are worn, they might create a water hammer. So, the replacement of these valves is the best option. 

A Whistling or Screeching Noise

Squealing or whistling from pipes may be quite upsetting for some people. Most people believe that the louder their pipes are, the more serious the situation is. This is not the case at all, and repairing these pipe sounds isn’t that difficult or costly.

There is a possibility that your pipes have air in them. So, to address this, clear the pipes of air by closing the water valve, turning on the faucet and reopening the valve. However, don’t even think of doing this at home for your safety! Hire a professional plumber. Plumbers may need to cleanse the pipes with high-pressure water if they are clogged with debris.

A Rattling Sound

If the pipes are not appropriately secured inside the walls, it can produce a rattling sound. There is always pressure in the pipes, which causes them to tremble when the water flows through them. However, there is a simple solution to this, although it may need further wall repairs depending on the position of the pipes.

A Noise Like Running Water

Often, there can be a noise like running water even though the faucets have been shut off. A faulty valve is most likely the cause of this running sound. And this is often observed in a running toilet. A toilet that won’t stop flushing isn’t just a nuisance; it’s also dangerous. It’s a massive water waste, and your utility bills will skyrocket. The best course of action for this is to fix the problem of running toilets with a professional plumber.

A Gurgling Drain Sound

It’s common knowledge that you’ve got a clogged drain if your drain gurgles. While this is often the case, it might also signify that the pipe vent needs to be replaced. However, for the drain to work properly, air must flow freely through the pipes. The pipe vent ensures that there will still be air in the system even after the drain has been completely emptied.

Drips or Tapping Noise

A leaky pipe can cause drips or tapping noises when all of your faucets have been checked, and none are dripping. However, to find the source of the leak, try listening for its sound. Look for apparent pipe leaks in your basement, cellar or crawl space. These should be rectified as soon as possible since leaking pipes may have a negative impact on water pressure and cleanliness.

A Rumbling Noise

A mineral deposit in the pipes, water heater or showerhead is the cause of the rumbling noise coming from your shower. Hard water is the cause of this phenomenon and it is a common occurrence in metropolitan settings. The best course of action is to hire a professional to clean and flush out the mineral deposit.

Vibrating Pipe Sounds

Vibrating metal produces a characteristic sound that may be heard clearly. One cause of pipes vibrating is excessive water pressure. Always check your water pipes for pressure using a threaded pressure gauge. Make sure it does not exceed 80-ps. Well pumps and other pumps in your water system may also cause pipes to vibrate, which might be a problem. The vibrations may be heard quite clearly due to the movement of the pump,  pipes contained inside the walls and how everything functions together.

Faucet Drips

Most of the time drips from a faucet are not a huge concern. After turning off your faucets, if they still leak it generally indicates that the washer needs to be replaced. If all else fails, you may wish to completely replace your faucet to fix the problem. Although faucets have an average lifetime of roughly 20 years, failure is imminent once the seals, washers and threads begin to degrade. If your faucet is more than 20 years old, it’s time to call in a professional plumber to have it replaced. 

Other Unexplained Plumbing Noises

Occasionally, plumbing creates a noise that you can’t explain or recognize. All kinds of different things might be making a variety of noises. So isolate any unusual sounds from your plumbing system to see whether they fit any of the above descriptions. To pinpoint the source of the noise, turn on and off the valves and faucets methodically. After that, you may identify the problem or inform the plumber where to begin searching.

Your Trusted Plumbing Experts In Bluffton, SC

There may be several possible explanations for each sound, so it’s important to know what you’re hearing. However, a timely fix is critical. Call R.S. Andrews plumbers at 843-706-5090 for all of your plumbing needs in Bluffton, Beaufort, Hilton Head Island, Savannah and Pooler, South Carolina. 

If you need licensed plumbing for annual plumbing maintenance, give us a call. We are confident that you will be delighted with our services, especially our plumbing services. You may relax knowing that we’ll go to work to keep your Low Country and Coastal Empire home safe. Please contact us to make an appointment now.

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