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How To Save Money on Your Home Heating Bills

As we go into the coldest months the Lowcountry experiences each year, it is especially important to learn about how you can save money on your home heating bills this winter near Bluffton, Beaufort and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We have compiled a list of ways to prepare your home as well utilize your HVAC system in a more energy-efficient manner.

One of the best ways to save on heating is to identify where in your home you lose heat and where you may gain it. If you focus on insulation and lack of insulation, you will be able to identify which areas you can alter to increase your savings on heat.

Focus on Your Windows & Doors

In the colder months, you should be conscious of your doors and windows. Doors and windows are the main ways heat can escape, so it is important that you ensure that they are properly closed each time you use them. Even while closed, some doors and windows can still cause loss of heat due to poor insulation. You may be able to combat this loss of heat slightly by closing curtains on your windows.

You can also have your windows and doors inspected and updated if they are not as insulated as they should be. Checking these spots in your home will help you keep the warm air in your home contained so that your HVAC system is not constantly running in order to make up for the loss of heat.

Focus on Your Air Ducts

Another way your home can lose heat is through your air ducts. The state of your air ducts is very important and can directly affect the quality of your indoor air in regards to health and efficiency.

During the winter, you will most likely spend more time indoors, making it crucial to have clean and well sealed air ducts. The first thing you should do is have your air ducts inspected. If there is excess dust, dirt or mold forming, that is usually a large indicator that you have leaky air ducts.

If you do have leaky air ducts, having your air ducts cleaned and sealed will be the most effective way to get your air ducts working properly again. Additionally, when your air ducts are sealed properly, you will spend less on energy since hot air will not escape through leaks in your ducts as it passes through.

Focus on Your HVAC System

Just as your air ducts are a key part of saving on heating this winter, so is your HVAC system. Since your HVAC system is the heart of your home’s heating, you should pay special attention to its maintenance and overall health.

A failing or poorly maintained heating system will cost you more on energy and repair costs, especially as it gets into the colder months. In some cases, it can be more cost effective to have your entire HVAC system replaced if it is reaching the end of its service life. Fortunately, most HVAC contractors offer financing options to make purchasing a new HVAC unit more affordable.

When looking at your HVAC system, you should also be vigilant of its maintenance. If your HVAC system is costing you more and more to run each month, that can indicate that it needs to be serviced. To get the most out of servicing your HVAC unit, you should have it done twice a year so that it is prepared for peaking heating and cooling seasons. Servicing can help keep your energy bills low as well as help your HVAC system run longer and better. If you plan on getting your HVAC unit serviced, you can either get a one time tune-up or get your HVAC system on a maintenance plan.

How R.S. Andrews Can Help You Save on Heating

At R. S. Andrews, we understand that heating bills can add up, especially as your HVAC system begins to fail or work less effectively. That is why we provide options to keep your HVAC unit and ductwork performing as efficiently as possible. We offer services ranging from duct cleaning, repair and sealing, to services such as HVAC repair, maintenance and installation.

We also have specials on heating system tune-ups and financing options to make your heating more affordable and effective this winter!

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