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Uh Oh, Is There A Problem With My Sewer Line?

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How To Spot Possible Issues & Resolve Them Early

When it comes to your day-to-day life, plumbing and its related problems could be the farthest thing from your mind. No one wants to deal with dysfunctional plumbing, and not just because it could cost you thousands in repair work. But it is dangerous to let “sleeping dogs lie;” not only can hidden leaks cause all kinds of problems — like damage to property or high water bills — but they can also pose serious health problems if left unchecked.

So, it is always a good idea to button down and repair leaks as fast as you can to prevent sewer line problems from escalating!

Sink drains, toilets and tubs that are always backing up could be signs of bigger things to come. Most plumbing problems usually occur on the main line, so this should be kept in mind. A broken sewer line sends off a number of warning signals.

Here are some of the telltale signs to look out for; they could help you identify the problem quickly, while you could get to repair it and get it out of harm’s way.

Signs Your Sewer Line Is In Trouble

Foul-Smelling Pipes: A sewer line should be essentially airtight, this means that no odors or foul smells should emanate from the pipes. If there are foul smells, however, this could mean only one thing: the sewer line has a leak. If smells like rotten eggs or sewage leaks become a constant scenario, it is time to call in the local plumbing experts.

Lush Patches On Your Lawn: You would be happy seeing your lawns looking greener and lusher than they usually do, but that could mean a disaster is waiting to unfold. Did you know that sewage can work as a great fertilizer, and all that great-looking grass could be actually feeding off a leaking sewer line?

Unexplained Pools In Your Yard: Is your yard wet when it hasn’t been raining? Is there suddenly a puddle that never goes away? If you see an accumulation of water in your yard — and especially if it smells bad — it could be because of a leaking sewer line.

Backup & Blockage: Backups do happen sometimes, but if they turn out to be more of a norm than an exception there could be a serious problem with your sewer line. All the drains rely on the main sewer line so that they can drain smoothly, but if you happen to see blockages or backups in more than one drain it could mean that the sewer line is in trouble.

SLOW DRAINS: Most clogs can be resolved through simple ways, like plunging or cleaning the drain. If these methods do not work and if the drain continues to drain slowly then there could be a bigger blockage in the sewer line. Slow drains and gurgling drains point to problems with the main sewer line.

Plumbing Problems Come In All Shapes & Sizes. Leave It To The Experts!

From collapsed sewer lines to tree-root intrusion, from excessive clogging to cracks and leaks between pipe joints, problems affecting sewer lines can be overwhelming. If you are constantly battling plumbing problems you should seek professional help.

If your Lowcountry home is showing signs of a sewer line problem, R.S.Andrews is just a phone call away!

For reliable, prompt and expert plumbing services to address all your plumbing problems, you can surely depend on us.