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Why An AC Tune-Up is Worth It

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Why Do I need an AC Tune-Up?

With the end of the cold winter weather in sight, many home and business owners are scheduling routine maintenance for their AC units. If your air conditioner is relatively new and in good condition, you may be wondering whether the recommended annual AC tune-up is worth it.

Certainly, a tune-up can fix many of the common problems that affect home air conditioners, including: 

  • Unexpected noises, or the unit running louder than usual. 
  • Some rooms of your home or business are much cooler than others. 
  • The air coming out of your vents is not as cold as it should be, or the airflow is low and weak. 
  • Dampness, dripping, or mold around your AC unit or the vents. 

However, even if you are not experiencing any of these issues, getting your AC tuned up at least once a year is still recommended for a few very good reasons. Let’s dive into some of them. 

Save Energy

When your air conditioning system is tuned up, it is running at its highest level of efficiency. That means you’re using less energy. With the cost of electricity spiraling out of control here in South Carolina, as in many parts of the country, this is nothing to shake a stick at.

The average South Carolina home already spends about $145 per month on electricity. Anything you can do to cut down on energy usage is a benefit both to your pocketbook and to the environment. 

Maximize Your Comfort

Your home is your refuge. You, your family, and your guests deserve to be comfortable through the upcoming hot summer months. If your air conditioner is not running at its optimal capacity, you are likely putting up with more discomfort than you need to while at home or at your business. This can come in the form of mugginess, mildewy smells, jarring noise, or simply feeling too warm. That alone is worth getting your ac tuned up for most of our clients! 

Prevent Future Problems

An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth a pound of cure. An experienced technician will be able to spot any problems during your spring air conditioning tune-up. AC units contain small and delicate parts as well as sensitive instruments. Any small problem could go undetected by the untrained eye and easily lead to larger, more costly issues. Keeping your air conditioner in top shape is a great way to prevent any compounding problems before they even begin. 

What is Included in An AC Tune-Up?

During a comprehensive AC tune-up, the technician will check all of the inner workings of your air conditioner. They’ll inspect, calibrate, lubricate, and clean many of the components of your AC unit, including: 

  • Fan blades
  • Vents 
  • Coils
  • Temperature gauges and timers
  • Fluids 
  • Filters
  • Blowers  
  • Pulleys & Belts 
  • Electrical wiring 

The amount of time the technician spends on your AC tune-up depends on how many corrections need to be made, but you can plan on them being there for about 60 to 90 minutes. 

What Does an AC Tune-Up Cost?

Less than you may think! Call us today to get a quote for your specific home or business. For larger jobs, RS Andrews offers financing so you can get the service you need now and pay for it later. 

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