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5 Things To Do To Get Your HVAC System Prepped for Winter

Just like you, your HVAC system is affected by changes in season. If you haven’t taken steps to make sure your heating system, furnace or heat pump is ready when cold weather starts to come in, you might find it failing right when you need it most. Who wants the heat to go out when there’s 12 inches of snow on the ground? So it’s vitally important to take the proper heating system maintenance steps ahead of time.

We’re always here to take care of any seasonal maintenance for you, but we also feel it’s important for customers like you to be educated and knowledgeable about your system. So if you think you want to give it a try yourself, here are five things you can do to shore up your system before the first cool temperatures begin.

1. Use Your Heat Only As Much As You Need It

A smart thermostat is your new best friend. With its programmable controls and wireless connectivity, you can set up your system to only run the heater at opportune times. For instance, you could set it to a cozy 68 degrees for when you’re at home, then have it drop a bit overnight while you’re cuddled in bed or during the day while you’re at work. This will not only provide energy savings during some of the heaviest usage months, but also keep your heater from having to work too hard and wear down any of its components. This can save on maintenance costs short term, and long term help defend against the need for expensive heating repairs.

2. Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

It’s the famous Boy Scout motto - “Be Prepared!” It applies to home HVAC system maintenance, too. In this case, you should turn your heater on and run it for a while at least three times before the temperature plummets. This will give you a chance to see how it’s running, and if any components have been damaged over the summer months and are about to fail, you should get a heads up. This buys you time to finish any heating maintenance or repairs you’ll need to keep it humming along before you get hit with cooler temperatures.

3. Shore Up Your Unit’s Defenses

You wouldn’t head out into chilly temperatures without a coat, right? So don’t leave your HVAC system in the same condition. Getting a cover that goes over it during the winter months can help protect it from heavy snow or ice resting on it or getting inside it. It can also protect it from falling branches that might give way to the weather’s weight. Physical damage can cause serious problems that might cause you to replace your heating system with the equipment inside, and you don’t want your heater going out right as the temperatures reach their coldest. 

4. Keep It Clean & Keep It Working

If your system can’t breathe, it can’t work. That’s as simple as it gets. If you haven’t changed your air filters in a few months, it’s imperative you do so. Dirty filters make your system work much harder than it has to, and that can lead to early breakdowns or maintenance issues. It’s not enough to just change the filter, though; if the air vents leading to them are still full of dust, they’re just going to suck it back in and get dirty all over again. While you’re at it, you should check all the vents around your home that put out heat; dirt or dust on them can cause blockages in your ventilation.

5. Schedule A Checkup

If you aren’t sure you’ve done enough to get your system ready it’s time to call in the professionals. You should schedule bi-annual HVAC maintenance visits (one in the spring for your AC system, one in the fall for your furnace, heat pump or heating system) to make sure your system is prepped for the heat or the cold. A trained technician will be able to check your heating and air conditioning systems from top to bottom and identify small issues before they become massive.

Let R.S. Andrews Keep Your System Humming with Heat All Winter

Ready to get worry-free when it comes to maintaining your HVAC system? R.S. Andrews is ready with expert and experienced professionals that will ensure you get optimum performance.

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