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Prepare For The Summer Heat

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How To Keep AC Bills Low When the Weather Heats Up

There are three things you should focus on when trying to keep your energy bills low during the peak cooling season:

  1. Your home’s features
  2. Your AC unit’s condition
  3. Your home’s AC system

When you maintain your home’s air conditioning systems and keep track of the ways you can use your home’s features and systems to your advantage when it comes to saving on energy this summer.

We have compiled a list of some things you should keep in mind to prepare your AC system for the summer heat.  

Keep Your AC Unit Maintained

One of the single most important things you can do to prepare for the summer heat is to keep your air conditioning system maintained. Having your AC unit serviced right before the cooling season allows you to spot issues before they become more severe as well as prevent system failures. When left unmaintained, your air conditioning may fail to properly cool your home and use more energy in the process. An air conditioner with properly functioning and clean parts will provide you with the most efficient and effective cooling. A great way to ensure that your AC system receives the correct maintenance at an affordable price is to get your AC unit on a maintenance plan

Get Your Home’s Features Updated

Some may take it as a surprise, but your home’s features also play a role in how large your cooling bills are in the summer. If you have old features in your home that need updating, they can contribute to higher energy costs.

Some things you should consider updating are: 

  • Your home’s insulation. 
  • Your home’s windows. 
  • Your home’s attic and crawl space. 

When your home is well insulated and updated, it can retain the cool air longer and experience less air loss. However, if your home is older and has weakened features, cool air can escape and cause your air conditioning unit to work harder to keep your home cool throughout the summer months. 

Utilize Your Home’s Systems

Your home’s systems can be used to your advantage when trying to keep your energy bills low during the hotter months.

Some of the systems you can utilize include: 

  • Ceiling fans. 
  • Programmable thermostats. 
  • Ventilation systems. 

Programmable thermostats make setting your home’s temperature easy and helps you save energy in the process. Ventilation systems can also be helpful in keeping hot or humid air out of your home without you having to open a window. 

How R.S. Andrews Can Help

At R.S. Andrews, we specialize in an array of air conditioning repair services to meet your cooling needs. Regardless of if you need air conditioning repair, AC installation or replacement service, or an AC tune-up, we can assist you. 

Our air conditioning maintenance service is designed to help keep your system running more smoothly, last longer and require fewer repairs. We can also evaluate your air conditioning system if you are considered getting a newer and more efficient air conditioning unit installed

To learn about our air conditioning services, contact us today!