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3 Signs Your Lowcountry Home Needs A New Water Heater

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Keep An Eye Out For These Clues Your Water Heater Is Due For An Upgrade

Hot water. It’s one of those things we absolutely take for granted. We expect when we turn on the hot tap that the water will be there. And it always is… until it isn’t. There is never a “good” time for your water heater to go out, but as the one in your home gets older there’s an increasing chance it could happen. Luckily, it rarely happens out of nowhere - there are signs you can watch for to see your water he

1. A Change In The Smell Or Taste Of Your Water

You turn on the tap, the hot water pours forth, and that’s when you notice it - a strangely metallic scent on the air. You take a sip and taste it as well. What does it mean? A bad smell or taste like that is usually a sign that the inner tank is starting to break down, and it’s literally flaking off bits of metal into your water. As those flakes accumulate, the smell and taste of the water deteriorates. Once this happens, it’s time to talk to your plumbing professional about choosing and installing a replacement.

2. Water Pooling Around Your Water Heater

Some leaks can be fixed. Others can’t. If your water heater is leaking so much that it’s starting to form a puddle at its base, the inner tank is likely irrevocably damaged. This is actually an urgent matter, because it could mean that your water tank is about to break entirely, which could cause a catastrophic flood and extensive water damage in your home. When you notice that kind of leak, get it addressed immediately.

3. Your Plumber Is Living In Your Guest Room

Are you having your water heater repaired so often that it seems like your plumber never leaves? Even the most advanced water heater will eventually hit the end of its functional lifespan, and as that moment gets closer it’s need for repairs is going to increase. At some point, it becomes cheaper long term to get a new water heater, even if it feels like a bigger upfront investment. Also keep in mind that a new heater will have the latest technology and energy efficiency ratings, which will help you save even more.

If You Discover Any Of These Clues, Give Us A Call!

Nobody wants to think about the expense or inconvenience of having your water heater replaced, but sometimes it just needs to happen. Luckily, our experienced experts can help you find the right water heater for your home and install it with professional precision. Message us online or call us at 843-706-5090 today!